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Chapter 25

What did the Great Depression allow to happen?
allowed Demogogs to raise fear and hatred of others

Some historians believe that WOrld War II actually began with what invasion in what year?
Japans full scale invaion of China in 1937

Who was the Italian fascist who seized power in 1922 and declared ‘we have buried the putrid corpse of liberty”?
Benito Mussolini

What was Hitler rejecting when he started rebuliding Germany’s armed forces?
the treaty of Versaille

What was the German decree of 1935 that denied civil rights to Jews?
The Norumberg Laws

What action of Hitler prior to the beginning of World Way II recieved the most attention from the Western powers?
The seizure of Czechoslovakia

What did Hitler’s assertions include?
-The doctrine of the arians
-The principle of German self determination in czechoslovakia
-the slogan that national socialism means peace
-the principle in the racial inferiorty of the Jews, a degenerate Race

What groups favored isolationism in the 1930s?
-The conservative comittee to defend america first
-The communist influenced American League against war and fashism
-The America First comitte chaired by top sears executive Robert E Wood
-socialists Norman Thomas’ keep america out of war congress

What prominent men supported the isolationist Committee to Defend America First?
-Robert E Wood
-Henry Ford
-Charles A Lindbergh
-Robert Young

What were the five acts called which Congress passed, beginning in 1935, to keep the United States out of war?
the Neutraility Acts

What happened on Germanys attack on Poland?
The soviet union divided poland with germany and attacked finland

To what dooes the term Blitzkreeig refer?
kind of war adopted by Germany in World War II that used mast, fast moving columns of tanks suported by air power

What was the Lendd-Lease act?
The legislation passed in 1941 that allowed President roosevelt to provide aid to Great Britain

What was the Atlantic charter?
The August 1941 proclamation issued by
Roosevelt and Winston Churchill that identified as war aims, liberal principles such as free trade, disarmament, and freedom from fear, want, and tyranny

Before Pearrl Harbor, how did Roosevelt seem to bend United States neutrality to help the Allies?
-transfering surplus United States airplanes to Britain
-propsing the Lend Lease Act
-joining Churchill in issuing the atlantic charter
-permitting the sale of arms to Britain France and China

What did the War Powers Act of December 1941 do?
-Allowed the president to create new agencies
-Expanded powers the president had during WWI
-Let the president censor news and restrict civil liberties
-Permitted the president to seize property owned by foreigners

What new agencies did Roosevelt create during Worlld War II?
-Office of Price Administration
-National War Labor Board
-War Manpower Commision
-Office of War Mobilization

During World War II what federal agencies were concerned with controlling information to influence the public, the economy, or the war effort?
-Office of strategic Services
-Office of War Information
-Federal Bureau Investigation
-Office of War Mobilization

What workers’ wage-earning was affected most by World War II?

By 1945, what did the majority of women workers want?
They wanted to continue to work at the jobs that they had

What happened with labor strikes during World War II?
Labor strikes increased in size nad number

What did the social results of World War II include?
-Complaints against girls for sexual offenses increased significantly
-General improvement in public health
-A record number of divorces by 1946
-A growing need for

What persons were included in the internment of West Coast Japenese Americans?
Almost everyone with at least one Japenese grandparent

What was the ‘Double V’ compaign?
During WWII, Afircan Americans conducted a campaign to defeat hte azis abroad and discrimination at home

What organization that was formed by pacifists in 1942, conducted non-violent sit-ins at restaurants in northern cities during World War II?
The Congress of Racial Equality

Who was A. Philip Randolph?
The leader of the Brotherhood of Sleeping car porters

In one of his poems, Langston Hughes asks how long he will have to fight ‘both Hitler and ____?’
Jim Crow

What did the zoot-suit riots lead Mexican Americans to fear?

What are examples of how World War II was sold to the American people as a collective effort demanding some sacrifice?
-“Victory Suits” for men
-No nylon stockings for women
-Films such as action in the north atlantic
-Restrictions on the colors of shoes produced

As a result of World War II, the Selective Service screened out what types of individuals?
The illiterate and emotionally distrubed

What was true of discrimination in the armed forces?
-Blood in Blood banks was segregated by race
-Blacks were allowed combat status only late i the war
-Japenese-Americans served in segregated units
-Only one in five Nisei soldiers was accepted to create a regiment

What were reasons that less than 4% of soldiers who recieved medical care died of their injuries?
-New ‘wonder drugs’ such as penicillin
-Dr. Charles Drew’s blood plasma
-The work of physicians in tent hospitals near the front
-A reserve supply of more than 13 million units of blood

Where did the greatest land battle in history occur?

What does the map of the War in the Pacific show?
That the first big victory in the South Pacific was the Battle of the Coral Sea

Beginning in 1941, on who did the brunt of the war for the Allies in Europe fall?
The Soviet Union

What was the real turning point of the war in Europe?
The Battle of Stalingrad

What did Stalin and the Soviet Union complain about?
-The Allies’ strategic bombing capaign
-Casablanca Policy of unconditional surender
-Delay in establishing a second front
-The controversial Soviet involvement in the war in the Pacific

What Allied operation of June 1944 was named Operation Overlord?
The D-Day invaision

What Russian Industrial city on the Volga River was the center of one of the biggest and most important battles of the war in 1942-1943?

Who was Charles dde Gaulle?
Leader of the Free French forces, who entered Paris on Auguest 25, 1944

What was the last major German attack on the Western Front in December 1944?
The Battle of the Bulge

What naval battle ended Japans threat to Hawaii?
The Battle of Midway

What name was given to the Allied strategy of taking one strategic atoll after another beginning with Taro in 1943?
Island Hopping

What was the bloodiest battle in the Pacific Theater?

What was the Holocaust?
The Nazi campaign of genocide that caused the murders of as many as 6 million jews, 250000 gypsies, 60000 homosexuals and otherss

What occured at Yalta?
-Stalin agreed to enter the war against Japan
-Negotiations were conducted for membership in the united Nations
-The United States and Great Britain agreed to allow Soviet troops to occupy countries they were already in
-The Big Three agreed to spears of influence

Where was the last of the Allies’ wartime conferences help from July 17 to August 2, 1945?

What was true of the United States’ justifications for dropping the atomic bomb on Japan?
-It kept the Soviet Union out of the war in the pacific
-It made an invasion of Japan unnecessary
-It brought an end to the war sooner
-It saved the lives of americans in ground combat

What was true about news of the Holocaust in the United States?
-The major media treated early reports as minor news
-As late as 1943, only 43% of Americans believed such reports
-Roosevelt created the war refugee board to avoid scandal
-The government refused to suspend immigration quodas to allowe German jews refuge

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