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E-commerce Essay Examples

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Case Study, Amazon: From Book Seller to Service Provider

Niklas Zennstrom stated: “When we look at investing, we always think about ‘how defensible is this, how likely is it that somebody is going to copy this. ‘ E-commerce tends to be something easy to copy because it’s execution. ” Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer since the company opened in the garage of…

Amazon Long Tail

The long tail is a phenomenon whereby firms can make money by offering a near-limitless selection the term was coined by Chris Anderson, an editor at Wired magazine, and I feel both Amazon and Netflix have a long tail model since they can offer things that many stores don’t carry so there is always something…

Global Impact of E-Commerce on Society

Explanation positive effects 1. Convenience : e-commerce is very convenient for customer ,because it accepts different type of credit and debit cards and as many other forms of payment as possible . customer don’t need to go anywhere for payment ,customer can carry as many items in stock as possible to avoid backorder ,it is…



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Business Skills for Ecommerce

Introduction This assignment will enable you to apply the business skills needed to design an eCommerce solution for a music production company. You will need to consider the organisation and processes of the company and consider what the impact of the Internet and e-Commerce has been on the company. Answers to the tasks will demonstrate:…

Training and Awareness Packages for E-commerce

Introduction E-commerce Training and Awareness packages project had defined for developing and penetrating of e-commerce. This project includes five steps; the first step was identifying of learners (training audiences) and their characteristics, the second step was determining of audiences roles in the e-commerce process, the third step was training needs assessment of learners based on…

Questions In E-Commerce

Question 6 Resources are the financial, physical, human, technological, and organizational assets of a company. A distinctive competency is unique to a company and allows it to earn a profit rate that is above the industry average.  Distinctive competencies are the products and services that directly fulfill the organizations goals, and is what the company…

The PEFA.com marketplace

Marie Jeanne Becaus-Pieters’s initiative to create a virtual European marketplace for trading fish may be considered salutary as it provides equal chances to all participants and helps Northern supply meet Southern demand, at the same time. This idea subscribes to the electronic trend that businesses increasingly embrace nowadays because of several reasons among which time…

Internet Privacy

Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is a great opportunity for any fledging entrepreneur to expose his goods to buyers all over the world through the internet. Small and medium scale businesses, with the right mixture of products and e-commerce capabilities can thrive in a global market. Geography is now longer a hindrance. One doesn’t even need a…

E-Business Model

An e-Business Model can is said to be an integration of business and trading models combined with associated protocols e.g. HTML, ASP, EBXML, EDI, etc into a business mechanism which uses the Internet as a medium of transaction (McGann 2002). Following are examples of the 5 primary e-business models: Business-to-consumer (B2C) – . Here, vendors…


Q1) E-commerce is unique from other channels of business and it is a whole new revolution in the way how companies operate (Turban, King, Lee & Viehland, (2006). The Internet is unlike any other sales channel. The Internet allows companies to distribute information at the speed of light and at almost zero cost, to reach…

E-commerce in the “Third World”: Developing Economies or Stagnant Prospects?

There’s no stopping the Digital Age from seeping even in the far-flung areas of the world. Whether you’re a cowherd in Somalia or a stockbroker in New York, one could have easy access over the new forms of trading via the Internet. Thus, e-commerce has attained to become a buzzword at the turn of this…

Evaluating E-Commerce Strategy Development within Organisations

Background The news about the “New Economy” has triggered many entrepreneurial ventures to exploit on the electronic commerce (e-commerce) opportunities. Ventures such as Amazon and eBay have received significant media attention and investor optimism about the potential of e-commerce. Now that the smoke has settled, both management and academic research have become interested on the…

E-commerce innovation

Abstract The 21’st century has been an era of technological development. Life has been a huge success it is possible to get almost anything that you want. Business done through the aid of an internet is called electronic commerce. This kind of business has boomed in the 21st century with the massive availability of personal…

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