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Water Essay Examples

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Water Pollution

1) What is water pollution? 2) What causes water pollution? 3) Name the 2 sources of pollution 4) What are the different types of water pollution? 5) How can water pollution be prevented? 6) Pollution can be: MICROBIOLOGICAL, CHEMICAL, SUSPENDED MATTER, NUTRIENTS, OXYGEN-DEPLETING SUBSTANCES. Give one real example for each cse with a brief explanation….

Complexometric Determination of Water Hardness

Abstract: Using complexometric method of calculating water hardness, an EDTA solution was made and calculated to be around .00209M. This EDTA solution was then used to titrate a water sample with unknown hardness. The sample used was sample #18. The hardness of the sample was calculated to be 180505 ppm. This is within normal levels…

Water Conservation in the Bathroom

It is clear to see that water is extremely necessary for people’s lives. We cannot survive without water. Although most people are aware of the importance of fresh water, many still inefficiently use and waste a large amount of water everyday. Thus, this essay will focus on “Water conservation in the bathroom”, which is really…



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An ecosystem as a community

Introduction An ecosystem is a community of living organisms (plants, animals and microbes) in conjunction with the nonliving components of their environment (things like air, water and mineral soil), interacting as a system.[2] These biotic and abiotic components are regarded as linked together through nutrient cycles and energy flows.[3] As ecosystems are defined by the…

Found Dog Flyer

According 2013 IPCC Status Report on Climate Change, climate change is occurring due to global warming. Observational evidence is coming back from all continents and most oceans, And it shows that many natural systems are being affected by regional climate changes particularly temperature increases. There is much scientific data backing the (intergovernmental panel on climate…

Lab Report on Effect of Enzymes

ntroduction The enzyme catalase is present in cells in order to speed the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), which is a toxic chemical to the human body. When hydrogen peroxide is broken down, the end products are Water (H2O) and Oxygen (O2). In this report, the reaction of catalase to hydrogen peroxide is being tested….

Complexometric Determination of Water Hardness

When a polyatomic ligand with multiple lone pairs of electrons available for bonding to a central metal ion forms a complex with a metal ion, a process known as chelation takes place. Metal ion impurities can be found by using disodium salt of EDTA to determine the concentration of M2+ by complexometric or chelometric titration….

Water Refilling Station Business Guide

One of the fast expanding business in Manila, and in most Metro cities nationwide, is the water refilling station. It’s mushrooming on every street corner, because a lot of people in urban areas prefer to get their drinking water from these water stations, it’s simply clean and safe to drink. Over the years, as the…

Department of biology

INTRODUCTION: Every cells of living organism contains genetic materials known as deoxyribonucleic acid, DNA. It can be isolated from tissue sample of living things by separating it from other cellular component in a manner that still preserves its structures. The structure of DNA is double-stranded helices that made up from the monomer of nucleotides. Each…

Back Titration

Synopsis The objective of this experiment is to determine the percentage by mass of calcium carbonate,CaCO3 in toothpaste using back titration technique. A known weight portion of toothpaste is obtained to react with known volume and concentration of standard acid solution. After completing the reaction, the resulting solution containing excess acid is back titrated with…

Determination of Dissolved Oxygen In a Water

INTRODUCTION In an alkaline solution, dissolved oxygen will oxidize manganese(II) to the trivalent state. 8OH-(aq) + 4Mn2+(aq) + 2H2O(l) --> 4Mn(OH)3(s) The analysis is completed by titrating the iodine produced from potassium iodide by manganese(III) hydroxide. 2Mn(OH)3(s) + 2I-(aq) + 6 H+(aq) --> 2Mn2+(aq) + I2(aq) + 6H2O(l) Sodium thiosulphate is used as the titrant….

Water Management

Future wars are likely to stem from a desire to control sufficient water resources. The concept of trinity revolves around water resources, water management and utilization. Water management remains pivotal to this all important source of national survival and development. The Government’s “Water Vision” is a step in the same direction. Pakistan has recently embarked…

BP and the Deepwater Horizon disaster

Title: The Analysis of BP and the Deepwater Horizon Disaster of 2010 Due Date: 5/5/13 Word Allocation: 2193 excluding executive summary, headings, tables, references and appendices Executive Summary This report provides an examination into British Petroleum (BP) and the Deepwater Horizon disaster of 2010. It looks specifically at the functional area of organizing from POLC…

Diffusion across a Selectively Permeable membrane

Introduction: Diffusion is movement of molecules from one area of concentration to another. This process is vital for the life functions of cells. Cells have selectively permeable membranes that allow only certain solutions to pass through them. Osmosis is a special kind of diffusion that allows water to go through semi-permeable membranes of high water…

Potential Of Coconut Water as Source of Electricity

One of the major problems in our country is energy shortage. There are many methods and proposals on how to conserve it such as the use of batteries. One of these is an electrolytic cell. It contains an electrolyte through which an externally generated electric current is passed by a system of electrodes (electrically positive…

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